Jan 16, 2008

My Very First Model Shot

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Woots! Model shot! Muakakka

This photo was taken by my nanny’s husband when I was only few months old.

This photo already 22 years old already same goes with the decayed wooden frame.

My mum did tell me that I was weighted 10 pounds plus when I was born and also the heaviest baby ever born in the hospital.

OMG! I was a fat boy.

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Yesterday was Fattien's Birthday and celebrated at Wong Kok Leisure Mall.

Credit to NKWai for the photo.

Happy Belated Birthday man!


Catherine said...

woah!!!really a fatty baby wor...haha~~~

Anonymous said...

Catherine - (blush) fei zhai.

gaTO said...

10 pounds = ?? kg


ah girl said...

really big different look wit u now... hahaha...

cherylcc said...

ang gu gu.... ahahaha cute nya!

Imagica Chan said...

yeerrr... so cute arr .... fat baby is always cute ler... :D

Anonymous said...

Gato - about 4.5kg
Ah Girl - Got makan nasi one =P
Cherylcc - Paiseh!
Imagica - Hahaha, now no more mean no more cute? =P