Jan 31, 2008

Colourful & Vivid

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I believe most of u guys notice that I’m being inactive lately. Something unwanted occurred. So I would not frequent update or have outing for this coming few months.

Ok! Let’s move to something colourful and vivid. Need to dig out old photos to update my post. =P

Here are some photos of flowers that I took when I have my visit at Cameron Highland.

Sunflower deserved the title.

This is my favorite flower shot. Got snowy feel.


hp84 said...

Joshua, that's really beautiful picture of flowers from Cameron Highland. The previous time i went there, the picture that i took is not nice.

BTW, may i know where you snap the sunflower from?

ahkwong said...

wah so nice those flower, and ur photo too. mind to tell where can get these flower on cameron highland?

Anonymous said...

Hp84 - Thanks man! Practice make perfect. Mine so so only if comparing with other =)
Ahkwong - Thanks man! Oh! We went to Flowers Park to take one =P

Sameer said...

wow great beautiful flower pictures. and yr blog also nice keep updating it.......happy blogging.

Anonymous said...

Sameer - Thank you! =)