Jan 8, 2008

Triple XL, KFC

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Yesterday I went to KFC with my sister and my younger brother.

So I queued for ordering.

KFC’s staff: Good afternoon! What would you like to have? Dine in or take away?

Tallboyz: Having here and I would like to have KFC all new Triple XL burger for big appetizer.

KFC’s staff: Are you sure sir? (Giving me the look like I cannot finish it, maybe look skinny)

Tallboyz: Absolutely sure and I would like to add chezzy wedges.

KFC’s staff: Silent a while…….. Ok sir and wait a minutes.

KFC’s staff: Here you are and enjoy ur meal.

Tallboyz: Thank you.

Hahahhahahaha! Ok Ok! I make this up.

If you guys notice, the advertisement of the “Triple XL” burger quite “Kuah Jiong” sound like challenging me. =P

So have you guys tried one?

For Big Appetites! 7" long!

Huge tomato slides, I love tomato.

Eat first lor.

Seriously, It wasn't that big. I still can have a piece of chicken and chezzy wedges.

ala carte is RM6.80 and set RM8.90. Worthy tho!


Catherine said...

seems delicious o~~~hehe~~~

Chee Hoe said...

Looks appetizing, will try that out myself

chingy said...

Wah, really big wor.
But KFC also do puffery. Ceik.

SilverIsle said...

Nice eh? I tried once at Genting but it sucks. Not sure if it's just there (as it was quite a long queue when I went), or everywhere is the name.

hp84 said...

i wanna try that too..

Imagica Chan said...

looks like very nice wor

Anonymous said...

Must try lor! The BBQ sauce in it damn nice! =)