Oct 10, 2008

Bangkok, Thailand (BTS Ride!) Day 1 Cont.

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My 1st BTS Ride!

My 1st BTS ride! from Joshua on Vimeo.

After we finished visit MBK, we walked to Siam Paragon (the nearest BTS station will be Siam). It's just like Pavilion in Malaysia, selling all those branded stuff like LV, burberry, CK, and more.

We just visit around and enjoy the free air cond. damn hot outside. They dun allow us to take any photo inside, damn sien.

Nvm! We take from outside. Our very 1st group photo.

Next we went to Erawan Shrine, a well known spot that have a 4 faces buddha located in the central of Bangkok City.

The peoples there very respect to this buddha, they will stick their hands and pray to show respect when they walked by the entrance or saw it from far even drive they also do so.

I went in and pray to show respect, didn't make any wishes!!!. You have to return if you wishes have come true else...... disaster could happen on you. Heard only lar but then there's a case a HK artist made a wish and promised Erawan if her wish come true, she will dance naked in from of it and it really happened. Siao!!!

We walked till nite fall.

Central World at nite!

Alot mini foods store opened at the road side. Then I saw this, SAUSAGES!!!!

The sausages damn nice I tell you and cheap also RM1.00 - RM1.20.

RM1.50 for drinks.

Next we went to Suan Lum Night Bazaar. Shopping?

If you got watch Fury/Chocolate, this one of a scene took place in the movie.

Hehehe! We came here for dinner.

After that we went back to hotel. Tat all for day 1.

Next! Mo Chit Station. Any idea where we head to? A hint! A place all the shopholic would die to come. Hahaha! Very obvious jor!