Oct 8, 2008

Myvi SE 2008

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If you guys still remember few months back I did write a post about the new Perodua Myvi SE or Myvi SE 2008. link

It seem that the rumors are truth.

This model of Myvi SE 2008 going to be launch in these 2 days; source link


The changes of the new Myvi SE2008 are new front and rear bumper design, new design honey comb optitron meter cluster, everyone would crave of "fully transparent rear tail light and smoked head lamp", TRD styled spoiler, leather wrapped steering, new Head Unit that supports Bluetooth & USB, new colour of rim.

Walah! Sound promising for this compact sporty look car.

Will continue my Bangkok trip next!


KOKahKOK said...

going to get one? haha 2nd car after vios~ la la la....i'm waiting for bang bang post so dat i can refer if i plan to go next round after hk

Anonymous said...

KOKahKOK - Wah! So good, already plan for next trip liao. Geng!

clive said...

wows, i read newspaper 10oct only can show the new look, now u post the new look liao XD cooool

Anonymous said...

Clive - This was 5 months back photos that leaked.