Oct 22, 2008

Bangkok, Thailand Day 3 Ancient City

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Sorry didn't update for few days. My office internet got problem and just got it back online. Sigh!, no internet at home really tedious.

Continue with my Bangkok trip. Day 3, we went to Ayuthaya an outskirt area that left a lot historical artifacts of Thailand.

It took about 45 minutes to 1 hour to reach our destination so we obtained a transportation services to bring us there. The cost is about 3500 baht / about RM350 for 7 pax in one big car.

The vehicle they use is……

Hummer H2! Hehehe! Kidding

Below is the car we rented.

Toyota cars can be found anywhere even most of theirs' cabs are Toyota Altis and Camry. Dun play play new model somemore.

When we reached to the destination, my early impression was "am'I in Cambodia?"

The statues, the sculptures, the Wat, look like the one Angkor Wat has.

This Wat is known as Wat Yai Chaya Mongkol. The weather was awesome that day, so I fast fast attach my CPL filter and take a group photo. XD.

There is a big Sleeping Buddha inside the Wat.

The Wat is quite big and a lot buddha statues can be found anywhere.

Wat, Buddha and Dear.

We climbed up and we cam-whore!!!!!!!!!!!

After the tiring walk and visit at Wat, we have our lunch at a beautiful scene next to riverside.