Oct 9, 2008

Fury/Chocolate | Eagle Eye

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Do you guys still remember a famous Thai’s movie that created a deep reminiscent about Thai’s martial art?

It was “Ong Bak” starring Tony Jaa. I still remember the time I watched this movie my jaw was dropped with his agility, stunts, actions and skills. He’s like the old time of Bruce Lee.

Ong Bak. Can't wait for Ong Bak 2. For those who haven't watch, remember to buy DVD or ahemmm... must watch movie.

Ok! I'm not here talking about Ong Bak just that the new movie that I watched got abit related to Ong Bak. Actually the day after we back from Bangkok, we went for a watch movie and it's a Thai's movie. Hahaha! Dun feel wan to leave Thailand.

Fury / Chocolate.

This movie is about conflict between 2 different countries of gangster which from Thai and Jap. Then a love story occurs between the Jap's gangster head and Thai's head's mistress. The story start after they have a down syndrome daugther that can learn anything in seconds. She learnt Ong Bak's acts and able to execute it very well. She didn't fight as good and agility like Tony Jaa but the skills and action are breathtaking. It's like gentle version of Ong Bak.

Rate 9/10.


The next movie I watched is Eagle Eye.

Yes! Shia Labeouf the actor of Transformer. This movie is about Cyber bio-terrorisms that happened at the US.

The storyline of this movie quite interesting as a lot technologies that you can't imagine were able to carried out.

For those who already watched this movie, does the last part got a bit like the movie from "Get Smart"? The gather of the VIP, the music band, the bomb. Ooops! I should stop here!

Rate 9/10. worthy to watch.


Shiveeleaves said...

Ong bak damn nice,the fella damn powerful,sekali hantam people with ankle or knee like a killer blow.actually after watching movie interested go thai watch muay thai live also :P

Anonymous said...

Shiveeleaves - Going to dig back those DVD and watch again =P

Anonymous said...

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