Oct 15, 2008

Fuel Price Revised (RM0.10-RM0.20)

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Woots! The petrol price revised and dropped RM0.15 for RON97 (new price RM2.30), RM0.10 for RON92 (new price RM2.20) and RM0.20 for diesel (new price 2.20).

The petrol price in US market has dropped tremendously to USD 78.68/barrel. If it still continues descending there gonna be another readjustment of the fuel price very soon.

Pray hard to drop back to RM1.92/l. XD

This morning I already pumped the RM2.30 fuel. Hehehehe!


Funkye said...

each time i think bout the fuel price drop it pissed me off.
it's cheating...cheating!!!

Anonymous said...

funkye - What to do? We are in bolehland!