Oct 29, 2008

End Of Ayuthaya Visit

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Ok! Back with my Thailand trip.

After the visit at Wat Yai Chaya Mongkol we head for lunch. The restaurant is located next to a beautiful river view with a Church across it.

This wat he had! Yummylicious!

A short video I took.

Lunch Next To River from Joshua on Vimeo.

Then we head to other Wat nearby. The view there is damn breathtaking.

We climbed up to the Wat. The steps are very steep but worthy to climb up becoz....

The view are awesomeness to the max! 

After that we head to another spot that has a very big sleeping buddha.

Shhhh! Dun woke him up.

Next we went to Wat Phu Khao Thong. What so different bout this wat? Me also dun know, just that it's different colour that the other which it's in white.

Here come the cowgirl!

Then we went to another Wat. 

It is Wat Maha Tat, there's a head of a buddha wedged in between a tree roof. For those who wan to take photo together with it, they have to make sure their's head level are lower than the statues to show respect.

After visited so many Wats in one day, only this photo can describe how we feel. 

That's all for Ayuthaya day trip. Next gonna be the finale of my Bangkok, Thailand visit.


Jean Carlos said...

In the video the guy said? "Lei umsec ngotei sec sai?" "If you dont eat, we'll eat them all" Right?, do you speak Cantonese?, Greetings from Venezuela!!!!!!!!