Oct 31, 2008

Bangkok, Thailand Finale

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I'm going to finish off Bangkok trip. It has been dragging for almost 1 month.

Our next destination is Grand Palace. We took BTS from our hotel Sala Daeng to Saphan Taksin then took boat from Satron to Tha Chang

Did took a photo of Grand Palace from outside, didn't went in for visit. Admission fee is 350baths per person.

After the visit of Grand Palace we went for lunch. This is a recommend place for lunch or dinner located nearby the palace.

Pathe antique and restaurant.

The rice are served in heart and star shape.

About 6-7pm we went for a short nite walk then we saw this...

Restaurant in Petrol Kiosk.

We also tried sticky rice mango. Very nice!

We also didn't miss the Thai massage. 200 bath for 1 hour tradisional massage.

The next day we head back to KL, Malaysia. Have to say Good Bye! :(

Seriously, this Take A Nap hotel really worthy to stay lor if u plan to stay in Bangkok. Look at my thumb! :P Damn hard sell. Hahhaah! FYI I'm not paid for this.

Our luggages size has been double up or mayb triple up from the day we came. Super siao!

Really had a wonderful visit to Bangkok, everything is cheap and good for budget back packer/traveller. :)

2moro gonna be a fun day. Y? *cough* innvo8 *cough* run *cough*


Agnes Sim said...

Wat is a small world, zi xiang is my friend also. hehe

Anonymous said...

agnes - U mean alson lim? Wat a small world