Jun 20, 2011

Hello Kuan Yi

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Continue with my Penang trip.

Early in the morning we hunt for great breakfast. Went to Ayer Itam to have the famous sister curry mee.

Their curry mee famous with traditional charcoal cooking style.

It's yummilicious!

ordered siu mai as well. They don't use sweet sauce but then only have tomato sauce.

After the wonderful breakfast me and YY head to Kek Lok Si which are nearby only.

Went there took some photo and

say hi to Kuan Yi. I was thought already built completely.

Stayed there for about an hour.

Then we head for next destination.

Guess where I head to? Something sandy and blue! :)

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Xjion89 said...

ooo, u went to Penang too^^

benooi said...

Wasai, came penang also tak call saya....