Jun 14, 2011

Penang - Oh Jian Oh!

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Last month I've visited Penang with YY, cari cari makan and ambik ambik gambar.

This is the 1st time I drove my new car on a long distance ride. Wonder how's the fuel consumption like for such long distance drive? To be honest, nothing much different compare with city drive, I guess this car really meant for city drive only.

Reached to Penang quite late around 4pm and checked-in at Tune Hotel. Next we straight head for lunch at Lorong Selamat.

Had Oh Jian

and Curry Mee aka in KL Asam Laksa accompany with Penang's favourite drink, Umbra.

Then we didn't go anywhere as it's quite late, so we chilled out at Starbucks. Damn I'm so addicted to this poison.

Lingered around in Starbucks next to our Hotel then cari places where dinner. Surveyed via twitter and thanks to @KayKayster for the suggestion to try out seafood at Tambun.

So we went to Tambun for fresh seafood.

Cost only 2 of us, we only ordered 3 dishes.

This one is very nice! A bit spicy and very appetizing.

also ordered sweet and sour crabs serve with buns.

The seafoods there is quite fresh and dirt cheap.

Mouth watering updating this blogpost.

More foods and places I visited on the next day of the visit.

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