Jun 5, 2011

New Perodua Myvi 2011 D54T

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Buletin Utama's auto segment has just previewed a sneak preview of an upcoming Perodua with name code D54T which are the replacement of the hot selling Perodua Myvi.

And just now, saw a 1 minute ads of the new Perodua Myvi and some key features were shown on the ads.

Print screened the video;

New instrumentation cluster with multi info display with some futuristic dashboard.

Dash mounted shifter for automatic transmission.

Touch screen Head Unit with GPS. *drooling*

Projector headlamp.

The D54T will be expected to have a 3SZ-VE 1500cc engine same with the Perodua Alza.

Check out the video below;

New option if you are planning to get a new car.

From today onward, the new Perodua Myvi is available for booking.

Will the new Perodua Myvi able to compete with the strong competitor with such as Hyundai & KIA?


According to TheStarOnline, the new Perodua Myvi is set to launch on 16th of June and forecast to increase their sales up to 195,000 unit sold (previously 171,750 unit)

Guess will be seeing this car very soon on the road.


SiMon Har said...

sure it will sell like hot cake again!

Kian Fai said...

hmmm sure good or not :P Joshua u no need to change car la :P u got nice nice tron car already hehe

Bella Enveeus said...

I think the GPS part is interesting.. But the price part is more interesting to find out! :)

Anonymous said...

Simon - Yeah! I believe so.

Kian Fai - Hahah! Not going to change lar :P

Bella - Also curious about the price too.

Anonymous said...

new myvi i thing it coming more hot like before..let's serbu ramai2..but how much the price for this car..?somebody knows..