Jun 8, 2011

New & Refreshed

Posted by Joshua |

A quick update for today.

The current layout Tallboyz V3.0 already 1 year plus, I guess is time to have an update.

Gonna have a new and freshed look of my blog next week.

Stay tune yo!

3 more Instagram photos uploaded.

Batu Caves Tilt Shift

Bukit Bintang Tilt Shift

Classic VW spotted at IKEA. This car reminded me the local movie "Great Day" aka "Tian Tian Hou Tian"

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lyCayenne said...

new blog layout ya? mushroom? hmm somewhat feels like something related to Mario. :P

Kian Fai said...

I saw 1 classic VW near my house punya petronas le! Just now only haahahaha :P

no trailer ar? gonna wait til neck long long oo!

Joshua said...

lyCayenne - Heheh! Only u who notice :P

Kian Fai - Sweet can?

Biopolymath said...

Second picture looks like a lovely toy set to me.