Jul 5, 2011

My Birthday 02072011

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2nd of July was a big day for me. This year I've turned 18th. Woots!

Ok! Ok! I lied! Curious how old am'I? Finish reading this blogpost you will get the answer.

YY "BAO-ed" me whole day.

In the afternoon, we had Sushi for brunch. We went to Sakae Sushi at Fahrenheit88.

Hungry ME!!!!

Hand Rolls

This Beef Mushroom not bad.

After that I went for a hair cut, wonder why every year on my birthday I would have a haircut.

Then YY brought me for massage at SS2.

Big Foot suit me very much! Not for small foot :P

Super long time I never had foot massage. The last time was like er....................... a decade if I recalled -.-"

Feel abit awkward when a guys massaged my foot and I would feel shy to have a girl to massage. *confused* One word to describe I'm easily paiseh-ed.

Happy Face

Me & YY enjoyed this very much. A coffee neck pillow place on my neck, the smell so relaxing.

Not only foot massage, there's another 10 minutes on shoulder. Almost fallen asleep with the massages, whole body feel loosen up and refreshed.

Next went for dinner at Outback Steakhouse opposite Low Yat Plaza.

Supposedly plan go to Victoria Station but then it's super crowded then decide to go to The Ship after that ended up at Outback Steakhouse when I passed by.

Every years birthday I would have Ribeye, it taste quite good tho.

A must to have Birthday Cake. YY said I should have a complete cake on my birthday. Only 2 of us how to finish ah? :P

Who is Lan Fan Chu? Hahahah!

Thank you so much to Princess for the wonderful Birthday celebration. Teehee!


Filip Demuinck said...

The food looks really good.

Isaac Tan said...

Happy belated birthday bro!

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Sweet celebration =)
Happy birthday again!

Anonymous said...

Filip - Yeah! It's very nice :)

Isaac - Thanks bro!

Tian Chad - Hahah! Thank you :)