Jul 31, 2011

Taiwan Day 2 - Martyrs' Shine

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Again back to my Taiwan trip, the 2nd day of Taiwan. It's gonna be a long blogpost.

The 2nd day we planned to visit Martyrs' Shine, a building built dedicated to the people who sacrificed their lives fighting for theirs country in another word Graveyard. WTF!

Guess what? The Taiwan's famous singer, Teresa Teng also placed here as mostly are only the soldiers.

We had Sushi for breakfast which near to the building we stayed.

We took MRT from Taipei Main Station to Jiantan and take bus to Martyrs' Shine.

The bus come in 15 minutes once, you can check which bus to the destination at the bus stop. We took 267 (Red Bus)

If you notice there are seatbelt on each of the seat but er........ no one actually use it :P

It took about 20 minutes to reach there. You can ask the bus driver to notify you once reached to the destination.

Took a group photo of the entrance of Martyrs' Shine.

We reached there just perfect to see the guards to change shift which happen every 1 hour. The process ain't just walk in and it's changed but they will do some performances and it's quite an elaborate process.

If you did follow me on twitter @tallboyz I did my 1st plank ever in my life and it's at the front of Martyrs' Shine.

I didn't PK or I wan to lick the floor. It's just a stupid act that I would like to do long time ago, life ain't long k? excuses

Had another group photo.

Martyrs' Shrine buildings on this compound are skillfully crafted and designed to look like Ming Dynasty palaces.

Shot a fish eye group pic before leave.

The guards there are motionless even hardly see they blinked their eyes or move. Well trained? That muscles kills!

Then we took bus head to the nearest MRT which are Yuanshan.

Dropped by a shop there for lunch.

This is what we had

After lunch we walked to Taoist Temple which are just few road away from Yuanshan MRT.

Mum said "if you go to others people's house must greet theirs elder, if you visit others country must pay respect in temple" :P

After bai bai, we head to somewhere that have great foods.

Coming up next!


FilipBlog said...

Very nice pictures, like the guards and the sushi.


shii teck said...

more pic more pic!XD
Taiwan will be my next destination!!


Anonymous said...

Filip - Yeah! thanks!

shii teck - Will compile it as itinerary for referral :)

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