Jul 12, 2011

Welcome Back Celine

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Last Friday I've went for a gathering welcome and also a farewell dinner to one of my ex-colleague, Celine who moved to New Zealand and just recently got back for visiting.

Had our dinner at Pantai Seafood, gathered few of my ex-SIAO colleagues.

How SIAO is my ex-colleagues?

This is how they greet when they meet

Let's the foods talk!

Sha la la

Theirs' specialty of vege

This Ribs is yummy

This is the best dish, Group Photo. All the great looking guys and girls :P

Great to meet back Celine and had a great dinner :)

Gonna plan a holiday trip to New Zealand. Celine promised free accommodation. Woots!


Anonymous said...

Why owner of the blog not in ?

jfook said...

the kiss my hand part is funny.. lol

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - I'm inside ler! In the group picha! lol

jfook - They all siao one! lol!