Jul 17, 2011

Taiwan - Culture Shock

Posted by Joshua |

Reached Taiwan this morning via Air Asia X! Gonna be a short update for 2day. Great to have FREE WiFi in our hostel. Woots!

How I wish my money can be multiple by 10. :P

Stayed at Pig Home Hostel nearby Taipei Main Station. Central heart of Taipei.

View from my room.

Had our 1st Taiwan MRT! Nothing much to shout about. Same like LRT in Malaysia.

Oh ya! The gang I goes with on this trip.

All the people here are same colours skin and they all talk in Mandarin..... I'm totally O.o Gotten culture shock I guess. Hahah!

More photos and proper blogpost will be updated when I'm back.

Happy weekend guys!

Blog update & photos taken via iPhone.


Sarah said...

Have fun!!! Remember my souvenir!!! Hahahah

saimatkong said...


Joshua said...

Sarah - Bought liao!

saimatkong - Thanks! :)