Jul 3, 2011

Transformer 3: Dark of The Moon | Cake

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Finally I've catches the most talk-about movie yet fully booked till next week movie, Transformer 3: Dark of The Moon.

It was actually organised by my company to all staffs and glad to be apart of the committees in this event.

Before the movie start, I was surprised with an advanced birthday cake that bought from my colleagues. Oh ya, it was my 18th 26th birthday after it hits 12am.

Thank you so much to my colleagues for being thoughtful. Blew my 1st Birthday cake at Cinema. My first time. Heheheh!

Back to the movie, Transformer 3. As expected a lot cool CG shown in this movie, more great cars & Transformers appeared in this sequel. Some peoples said the plot is very poor and a bit boring. What I can say is, this time they have actually delivered what audiences wants. The 2 and half hours was pleasured with unpredictable plot. Love every bits of it.

Rate 9/10 I'm so gonna watch this again, it's a worth to pay to watch it in Gold Class / IMAX. Gonna try IMAX 3D probably next week! :)

Here I would like to thanks to all who have wished me Birthday on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS & also phone calls. Really touched, thank you again! :)

Checkout my coming blogpost about my lousy B'day :P

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michleong said...

Transformers and Birthday! (Y) Happy Birthday again! haha

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mich :)