Jul 28, 2011

Captain America The First Avenge

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Woots! Just got back from Mid Valley, catched Captain America, The First Avenge. Thank you so much to LowyatNet for the free movie screening.

Another Marvel Comic after Green Lanterns.

The movie took place back in 1942, when America has entered World War II. Steve Rogers a sickly young Brooklyn youth who determined to join the military service. Everything has changed when Dr. Erksine recruited him for a secret project that turned him from a sickly boy to extraordinary superhero, Captain America.

Rate 7.5/10 If you love comics, you may enjoy this. Quite exaggerated although the WWII was in 1942 but all the military weapon and technology are more advanced than now. Yeah I know, it's a comic. That why comic lovers would definitely like this. The weapon they use is quite good tho, no need to clean dead body after been shot as it's gone just like that. Poof! Hahha!

If you have yet watch the trailer, check it out at below;