Jan 1, 2010

Movies Freak?

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Guess what? Unexpectedly I've watched 71 movies last year. Yeah it's from Jan-Dec 2009.

FYI, I have a bad habit keeping GSC tickets and now I've collected 286 tickets.

Below are the movies that I've compiled, click the images to see how's my rating bout the movies.

January 2009

The Day The Earth Stood Still
The Spirit
IP Man
Bedtime Stories

Lady Cop & Papa Crook
All Well End Well 2009
Red Cliff 2

February 2009

Look For A Star
Bride Wars
Ong Bak 2
The Eden Lake
Slumdog Millionaire
The Punisher

March 2009

Marley & Me
Dragon Ball
Sex Drive
Race To Witch Mountain

April 2009

Confession of A Shopaholic
The Uninvited
Make It Happen

Coming Soon
Hotel For Dogs
Fast & Furios
Friday The 13th

May 2009

The Snipers
Night At The Museum 2
X men 3 - The Origin

June 2009

Terminator Salvation
Monsters vs Aliens
Drag Me To Hell
Transformer 2 - The Revenge of The Fallen

July 2009

17 Again
Ice Age 3 - Dawn Of Dinosaurs
Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince
The Proposal
Ghosts of Girls Past

Pelham 123
Land of The Lost

August 2009

Pixar UP
G I Joe - The Rise of Cobra
District 9

September 2009

Final Destination 4
Imagine That
The Ugly Truth

Where Got Ghost

October 2009

Sorority Row

November 2009

This Is It
Phobia 2
Jennifer's Body
Ninja Assasin
A Christmas Carol

December 2009

Storm Warriors
Couple Retreat
Princess & The Frog
Alvin & The Chipmunks 2

So how many movie have you watched last year?


Anonymous said...

ganas. LOL
I think i only watched a quarter of those movie u watched.. LOL
and its the most movies i ever watched in a single year XD

Anonymous said...

14 to be exact. LOL

` shirleen said...

i watched 24 of r 70 movie
hahaha XD

` shirleen said...

of your*

BooNBoX said...

you are really a movie-freak!! haha.. me no money so half of the movies you watched i watched online.. lol

Tony Wan said...

walao so manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

ViaN said...

OMG @_@
I watched less than 10 I guess.. *ehem*

benooi said...
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Edwin T said...

fuyoh! so many movies you've watched. i wish i have time for all this too. haha

(i think mine is 1/5 of yours, not sure of the exact figure coz not counting. :)

Copykate said...

i only watched like 40+ among those that u listed. some are downloaded. LOL.

oh man u're a movie freak! kaka

Anonymous said...

AlvinC - lol! =)

Shirleen - U also counts? Good wor

BooNBoX - PPS?

Tony Wan - Yeah! Alotttttttt =P

Vian - Less than 10 only ah? So little geh?

Edwin - Wat to do? You are so bz! Ur job are so important!

Copykate - lol! Download no good eh! lol!

Edwin T said...

Gosh Joshua. you are making me "paiseh".. (Hope u understand Hokkien) hehe

Fallen Angel said...

Wow.. Another movie freak spotted!!
Well I think I watched 95% of what you have watched.

Have already watched 6 movie this month and counting.