Jun 19, 2009

Do You Nokia?

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I have created a new blog DoYouNokia, very obvious this blog is all about Nokia.

My 1st Nokia phone was the Nokia 3310, once a Hall of Fame that everyone should have. When I try to recall how many Nokia phones that I have own before. I was so surprised tat I have used 7 Nokia phones in the past till present.

  • Nokia 3310 once a must have phone,
  • Nokia 8210 the small and slim phone,
  • Nokia 3650 the 1st Symbian Platform OS phone,
  • Nokia N-Gage the 1st N-Gage phone,
  • Nokia 6630 Nokia 1st 1.3mp camera phone,
  • Nokia N95 the 1st Multimedia Nokia phone
  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Nokia 1st touch screen phone.

I have a deep interest with Nokia phone especially after Nokia implemented Symbian OS platform on Nokia phone.

By having this blog, I hope I'll be able to provide more info and update about Nokia from Hardware to Software to everyone.

Feel free to click the link button on the sidebar to visit my new blog. Thank you for your support.

So Do You Nokia?


Stanley said...

Yes! Yes! The best Nokia phone is definitely the Nokia 3310. So strong lah that phone. Heard a friend dropped it from the 2nd floor and it still works! Lol, can use as weapon to throw at pencuri also.

Anonymous said...

Stanley - True! 3310 really tough, can be weapon.

Wen Jing ^^ said...

haha you put a 8210 phone and wrote it on 8250 corner! mistake! =p

Anonymous said...

WenJing - Like tat u also notice. Can't find 8250 ma =P

- c H i E n - said...

wooHooO! So you're the one who created that blog!

Anonymous said...

cHiEn - Yeah! My second blog bout Nokia. R u a Nokia fansee?