Jun 24, 2009

June Movies

Posted by Joshua |

This month I have watched 3 movies .

Monster Vs Alien

This movie has 2 versions, flat-images and 3D. Super love the character of Bob, “ I think she gave me a fake number ” lolz.

Rate 8/10.

Terminator Salvation

One of the big Movies of The Year, I believe almost all of you guys have watched this movie. Actions from starting till the end of the movie.

Rate 8/10.

Drag Me to Hell

At first I was thought it’s a horror movie, it blended with some crazy and unexpected scenes. The movie has a bit like “Scary Movie” but in more serious way.

Rate 6/10

Update: For now I have collected total of 229 tickets of GSC tickets.


Stanley said...

I liked MVA despite it being a little random. Wow, you actually keep all your GSC tickets? Hahha, can compile in album next time =D

Joshua said...

Stanley - Yeah! I got this bad habit to keep tickets but my gf said it's rubbish =(

maRCus said...

i think she gave me a wrong number?!! LOL... u even quoted him! haa

Joshua said...

maRCus - Tat Bob damn funny.