Jun 2, 2009

Search For N

Posted by Joshua |

Finally the 1st round of Search For N just ended. It was a high blood pressure contest where all participates are required to racing with time sending answers via e mail when the question released. Ain't a good contest for heart attack patients. XD Kidding!

Manage to send my 1st e mail on 7.03pm and 2nd e mail on 7.05pm which I stupidly leave out a word. Damn it!

Praying hard now and hope Nokia will call me. I'm placing my phone on a good reception area now. :P


Anston said...

Good Luck my Friend :)

kenwooi.com said...

all the best =)

Joshua said...

Anston and Kenwooi - Past liao, I got nothing but experience. =) I'm happy!