Jun 2, 2009

Love To Save

Posted by Joshua |

Just now I was browsing thru my Nuffnang's account and saw "Love to Save" with DiGi logo.

I've clicked and direct me to a DiGi charity champaign. DiGi is trying to raise RM150,000 in 30 days for charity purpose.


DiGi will be donating RM5 with every entry. No donation or money involved on you. Just 3 simple steps/clicks you can make the different.

What you guys waiting for? Let's show your support and make it happen!

Love to Save


CWKen said...

wah so popular 1k visitors per week, me barely 400 if i'm lucky lol

Joshua said...

CWKen - OMG! Totally out of topic geh. =P

U can make it very soon de. Believe in urself. Mine is just adverage blogger only, others 1k per day. lolz