Jun 29, 2009

Transformers 2 - Revenge of The Fallen

Posted by Joshua |

Yeah! I know I'm kinna outdated already as most of you guys already watched. Exactly 2 years ago the first Transformers Movie on screen wobbled the world with cool cars, breathtaking actions and superb CG effects.

This year, 2009 June, Michael Bays & Steven Spielberg has done it again with Transformer 2 – Revenge of The Fallen.

Some of you might have encounter problem with tickets purchasing via E-Ticketing. This is the 1st time I saw GSC website overloaded with traffic, making hard to purchase tickets. It’s like Air Asia having free air tickets.

Luckily I manage to get the ticket for Saturday at Times Square with some good seats. When I reached to the cinema, I saw a crowded peoples queuing up in front of the entrance. Please lar, the tickets you purchased already set/located, why do you all need to rush in?

Back to the movie, one word to describe; Awesome till the MAX!!!!! The actions, the fight, the jokes, the hot sexy Megan Fox and more. I might be watching the second time this coming Friday. Woots!

Rate 11/10. Those who haven’t watch, it’s a must watch movie of the year. Beat The Terminator.

p/s remember to pees 1st before you go in, the movie is quite lenghty about 2 1/2 hours.


Stanley said...

Yes! Yes! Finally another person who thinks that its awesome =D Haih, don't know why many people don't really dig it. Come on, there were so many slow-mo Megan Fox scenes!

maRCus said...

OMG!!! Super awesome movie lah!! SURE beat Terminator wan!!LOL

so farnee, ask ppl go shi shi first.. but true oso la.. i oso tahan kencing whole of the movie..

its too good to miss!!! XD

but ho, there were alot of oddities oso, wudnt u agree?

#1. if Decepticons so geng can become a college girl, how come the rest still all big robot? might as well infiltrate the human race? hoho. i find tht robo girl quite random lo. and weird too. =D

#2. Sam must almost die oni can meet the Primes to prove his worth and get the matrix izit? if dont die, can? wakakak

#3. do you think got transformers 3?!!!

(i sure hope so.. Megatron mei sei mah... LOL)

sorry, spamming pulak. haha.. come by k. ishud be posting abt it too. soon. OMG. the internet. @_@

ahlost said...

I'm going to watch that tonight with another 14friends of mine *LOL*

Wen Jing ^^ said...

Yes it's awesome movie! no doubt..haha..worth to watch lo..
But i feel the story is abit blur blur ler..i shall go the second time again..hahaha

Joshua said...

Stanley - Yeah! Megan Fox hot.

maRCus - Wah! So long comment! =P Praying hard for Transformers 3. Hope doens't need to watch another 2 years.

ahlost - OMG! So many frens go!

WenJing - Hahaha!

kenwooi.com said...

but i think it's overrated la.. lol =P