Jun 15, 2009

Pulau Ketam

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It is Pulau Ketam. Hahaha, seem none of you guys got it right.

Last week I went to Pulau Ketam with my gf for a day trip visit.

How to go to Pulau Ketam? It's super duper easy. You can take KTM, as what I did. I took LRT then interchange to KTM, only then reach to Port Klang, which is the last station.

It took us about 2 hours to reach there.

Then we walked to the Jetty, btw for those who has been long time didn't go to Pulau Ketam, they have moved to other Jetty which is more far from the KTM station.

While waiting for the boat to come, I took a panorama shot.

Here come the speedboat. The fare is RM 7 for adult and RM 5 for children. It's a air conditioned speedboat.

For those who haven't eaten please pause till here and go grab something to chew, I would not be responsible having you guys hunger and craving for foods. Heheheh.

Once we reached to sore, we straight find restaurant for brunch. Didn't have breakfast till 3pm. OMG!

We ordered.....

The foods is enough for atleast 3~4 pax...... and.........

I we manage to finished it all. The damage was only RM80. Cheap can? All seafoods le.

After that we go for a short walk as the last boat head to back to Jetty is at 6pm.

I took that siao photo here on my previous post and we also.....

I can jump higher! XD

I saw moon while we on our way back.

THE END! Next I will be posting an extremely crazy super siao giler post. Stay tune ya!


Stanley said...

Nice! I'm hungry now....ahhaha!

Hon Mun said...

Wow! Ketam Island!

I nvr go there b4, sad case.. Seafood fresh or not?

oh btw, your t-shirt very nice HK! =p

- c H i E n - said...

Yay!!! Thanks! Now I know where to go for my road trip!!! ^^

Anonymous said...

Stanley - Muakkaa! I warned you =P

Hon Mun - OMG! U serious? The seafood there freaking fresh lor. Thanks! A fren of mine bought from HK during his visit.

Chien - Cool! Can't wait for ur update. =)

Anonymous said...

the food so nice leh!
and great pics! =)

- c H i E n - said...

Hey hey! dropping by again! Mind telling me how to go to Pulau Ketam and the budget? Thanks in advanced!

Anonymous said...

kenwooi - Thanks wor!

cHiEn - Very easy de. U take KTM head to Port Klang which is the last station. The look for the sign to Jetty P. Ketam. Enjoy the trip.