Jun 4, 2009

Tallboyz & My Vios

Posted by Joshua |

As requested by ahbing. More siao of me. Tallboyz Style This time took place nearby my house, Pandan Indah LRT station.

another photo of my collection.

My previous attempt click here.

Next gonna be the finale post of my Penang visit. Stay tune.


maverick said...

cool photo :)

allen said...

woot! a lot of tallboyz wor! LOL!
good one!

Cavin said...

the title shd go 'PIMP MY RIDE !' Lol

kenwooi.com said...

haha cool!
but you missed one thing..
the reflection of the most left tallboyz on the vios! =P

Liang Mui said...

cute-nya.. hehe :)

can get some shootings for me? FOC? wahhah :P

where's ur IQ questions? kinda miss them la

Joshua said...

maverick - Thanks man!

allen - Yeah! :P

Calvin - Hahaha!

kenwooi.com - Like tat u also notice. lolz

Liang Mui - Not much respond :( Shooting for you? Can? When?