Feb 27, 2010

14 Blades

Posted by Joshua |

Finally yesterday I've watched 14 Blades.

This movie is about QingLong (Donnie Yen) an orphan who trained in clandestine combat from his childhood. He served the Emperor who was brainwashed by evil eunuch Jia to betray the country.

This is how I felt about the role in this movie;

Donnie Yen : A hot sizzling hulk and I guess a lot gals would have fainted for him. lol!
Zhao Wei : Her eye really can talk.
Wu Chun : He's more like super posing model and like to yell his name that he's arriving. WTF!
Kate Tsui : She has a similarity of Medusa. She is hot and sexy tho.
Sammo Hung : Ka leh fei, just appear twice and MIA.

Rate 7/10 Not bad lar! Donnie Yen's martial art make it worth to watch. Can't wait to watch IP Man 2 this coming April 2010.


AaronWoolala said...

Yes yes yes yes Ip Man 2 teaser looks awesome.
14 blades is OK la, better than what I had expected. Donnie Yen is the maaannn.

Joshua said...

Aaron - Ya lor!