Feb 26, 2010

My Valentine's Day

Posted by Joshua |

A week plus ago, it was Valentine's day an also me and YY's 2nd years anniversary.

Early was thought of dine-in at TGIF but then the menu there were fixed for that day. Thus we went to Chilis instead. Chilis are not allow to make any reservation, thus we have to queue for table.

While we waiting..... we cam-ho lor. Sadly my rechargable batteries for my speedlight suddenly died off. Sigh!

We waited for about 30 minutes and we got our table.

I ordered my favorite's Grilled Ribeye.

YY had Super Salted Chicken Triple Play.

What did I bought for YY?

Actually I did something rather stupid. I had a Present Hunting for YY to search inside the car and this is how's it's goes;

I've bought her a Heart Shaped Crystal Necklaces from Swarovski.

So how do you guys celebrated your Valentine's day?


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Sometimes picture without flash looks better =D
You both looks natural in picture what, haha

Lulu said...

Me n my bf celebrate seperately wf our parents& granparents coz both of us balik kampung for CNY...lolx...

pretty YY wf nice bracelet!
ugly(?) u wf nice check shirt!

Xjion89 said...

great celebration!
great gift!
great photos^^~~~

Edwin T said...

the crystal pendant is pretty! :)

Joshua said...

Tian Chad - True also! =)

Lulu - Next year celebrate bigger and better =)

Xjion89 - Thanks man!

Edwin T - Thanks wor. Hehhe!

fiki wiki said...

Nice gift!!
All my boyfriend and I did was went out, tapaued a lamb kebab and had picnic in the snow. No gifts but no biggie, the kebab was huge and expensive hahahaha =P

Joshua said...

fiki wiki - Tat's a romantic dinner tho. :)