Feb 1, 2010

Vietnamese Dinner

Posted by Joshua |

About a month ago I've attended Paranormal Activity Screening at Tropicana City Mall organised by Nuffnang Malaysia.

Before the screening, me and YY went for dinner at Pho Hoa. It's a Vietnamese Restaurant located at Tropicana City Mall.

The environment there is quite cozy and very Vietnamese feel.

Not only the design or environment, the staff there also seem like from Vietnam, it's quite hard tho to communicate with them while I place order.

Any Beef Noodles fans here? I'm one of them after I tasted once in Vietnam but till now still can't find back the old taste.

The Beef Noodle here taste quite good tho but the price is a bit high.

Any nice Beef Noodle can recommend to me?


1102 said...

blog is great~~祝你人氣高高~.........................

foongpc said...

So the food not that good? I like the one next door - Kiku Zakura : )

Btw, is Paranormal Activity good? I just watched Haunted Universities and it was good : )

kenwooi said...

yum yum =)


Joshua said...

1102 - TQ

foongpc - Oh! Never try tat b4, will try it out. Paranormal Activity is good but then it shaky video movie.

kenwooi - Nah tissue, ur salive is out! hahah