Feb 22, 2010

All Well End Well 2010 | MyviC Gathering

Posted by Joshua |

Yesterday watched All Well End Well 2010. Another Chinese New Year comedy movie of the year.

Every year they would come out with this movie, started from All Well End Well 1996 till now, watched Leslie Cheung & Stephen Chow till now changed to Ronald Chen & Louis Ku.

But this movie ain't as funny as the previous movie, seem they trying very hard to pull out some lame jokes.

Rate 6.5/10 Found 72 Tenants of Prosperity are way more funny.

This afternoon I've went to Meow's house at Serdang. Gathered a bunch of long-time-no-see friends that I met on MyviClub. Had a great lunch seasoned with laughter.

Very happy to see you guys!


ahlost said...

Wootz.. I should go for 72 tenants then.. hehehe.. have been wondering which to watch those few days :D

Lulu said...

This year give up wf All Well End Well 2010 lorr...didnt watch..

Btw,72 tenants really nice!

meilin said...

great to see u too :D nice photo.. where's others photos?

Xjion89 said...

wow super cool Myvi Gang...hahaha~~~^^

Joshua said...

ahlost - Good good!

Lulu - Hahahah! Luckily u didn't watch, saved RM11.

meilin - Hhaha! All is foods only geh wor.

Xjion89 - Used to be a big gang eh! lol!