Feb 19, 2010

Percy Jackson Is Nice | Andy's B'day at HOB

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Just got back from eCurve and watched Percy Jackson & The Olympias, The Lightning Thief. Thanks to MixdotFM for the invites.

Spoiler won't be harm as this movie ain't that the latest or outdated and some of you might have watched during the long holiday.

This movie is about Zeus, King of Gods that has lost his Thunder Bolt (what a careless God) and Poseidon's son (Percy Jackson) was being accused for the Lightning Thief.

Percy Jackson was on his quest to find Hades to explain himself he is innocence as well to save his mom.

A lot gods & devils was appeared such as Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Athena, Medusa and more.

Rate 8/10 It's nice and the CG is not bad. In the movie, I've found out where the Hell & The Heaven are located. Hell's entrance was actually located at Hollywood and the heaven is at the Empire State. lol! You will get what I mean if you have watched the movie.

Next! Last 2 week I've attended Andy's Birthday at House of Buffet located at KL next to Low Yat Plaza.

It was a quite rushing buffer dinner I ever have as me, YY and Sandy was just got back from Tg. Sepat and rushed to there.

Here's the makan gang.

So sorry Sandy, I only realised that I've left you out in this photo. XD

Although it was a rushing dinner, I still manage to snap some photos of the restaurant.

Ok! Sandy you are in now. XD

Here's the Birthday's boy, Andy. He is single and available, you can get my contact from me. lolz! Kidding kidding.

Then I saw Alson picked up something and I can feel something bad gonna happen.

and yes! It's revenge time for Alson cause last time he has been treated like this. lolz!

Again, Happy Belated Birthday Andy!


EVo said...

Damn, the last pic don't really explain much but everyone's faces look like 'AHHHH HAHAHAHAH' lolol

Anonymous said...

EVo - lol!