Feb 11, 2010

DiGi D'Tour

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Last Saturday I've attended DiGi D'Tour at D'House (DiGi HQ in Shah Alam) that I've won from Facebook a week back.

DiGi D'Tour is an event to meet the peoples behind Facebook, Twitter and opportunity touring around in DiGi's HQ.

It has gathered about 100+ Tweeples (Twitter+People) & Facebookers and I'm one of them. I've tagged YY to come along with me as I was given a pair of invites.

The event was started with some activities such as ice breaking, introduction of DiGi history and how it's like to work with DiGi.

It sound super duper extreme nice to work with DiGi, a bit similar to what Google practicing. The staffs there was treats as the important asset in the company, a lot good and thoughtful benefits & facilities given to their own's staff.

Before the long walking tour actually starts, lunch was served and guess what we had?

Does this look familiar?

Yeah! BubbaGump, the famous specialty prawns was served. Damn nice!

Not that all, there were unlimited New Zealand ice cream, feel so fat. lolz!

The tour started, we visited a lot places that not peoples has the chances to go in. We visited the call center, the place that we call in to complaint this complaint that one leh! XD

Seriously, DiGi HQ indeed very big and the facilities is all-in.

The view, the environment and the cafeteria also nice. It's so relax, that's why DiGi peoples are so inspired and creative.

you see.. even the staircase also cantik.

There are a lot meeting room in the building and all the meeting rooms named after island's name. It's sound so nice, why? Eg;
Mr. A : Later we will have our meeting at Bali. Ok?
Mr. B : Great, later I'll go to home and get some clothes
Mr. A : -.-"

We are not just only touring around the DiGi HQ and walk house with empty hand, there was some super and fun games carried out. There was 4 groups teamed up, the best team won themself a RM2000 spa voucher each and Shaz's team has won grand prize *envy them*

Everyone who attended also a winner, we have won something that money couldn't buy, it's Fun & Experince.

The visit and tour of DiGi HQ indeed inspirational. Met a lot peoples and given the opportunity to experience and see that not everyone could. Thank you DiGi for the wonderful event, I guess I've picked the Smartest Choice.

Check this out! I didn't lie, the staffs in DiGi indeed talented creative, somemore he is the best agent of the Month. lol!

Tiding up my resume now so I can apply to work with DiGi. XD


kenwooi said...

digi looks like a good place to work at.. haha.. definitely interesting =)


yedkajang said...

best kerja kat sini..


taufulou said...

woah..kena tempted..now have to look for what digi have to offer in their position..:p

Amelialing911 said...

hey, which team color u was? no see u geh? i was in team green! GREEN TEA~

Joshua said...

kenwooi - Ya lor!

yedkajang - Wanted to work there.

taufulou - lol!

Amelialing911 - I'm on the white team. It's a fun event =)

Jeffro said...

Wootza! Looking good yo!

Jonathan said...

nice I was Pink team Shaz was the leader lolz

Jonathan said...
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