Feb 21, 2010

Purple + Pink = My New Bedroom

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Last week I've decided to repaint my bedroom as the old paint were look so dulls and some parts are starting to chip off.

This is my old room paint look like. The white thingy was some wall sealer, I've applied it a day before as that part of the paint was started to chipping off due to moisture from the toilet.

I've picked Dark Purple + Light Pink for my room new colours.

Started by taping some masking tape on the area that does not need to be painted such as the switches, doors and floor.

Ladder are needed for the high level painting. although I called myself tallboyz but then I still cannot reach to the top of my wall. XD

Next, need some Professional wall painters. Thank you YY for helping me out.

I believe everyone who painted theirs' own room did the same things that I did. Tarnished the wall by writing something stupid on it before actually paint it. lol!

Sweat-ed, gotten dirty and bodyache for total 3 hours and this is the outcome.

Beside that I've reorganised the stuffs in my room such as the computer table, cupboard, my bed and added a new mirror. New year ma, reorganise my room improve Feng Sui. XD

I just simply love purple colour, it made me feel so inspired and relax.

We did have our signature wrote on the corner of the wall and MFG date. Hehehehe!

So what colour paint you have on your room's wall?


Cayenne said...

aww.so nice. i osowan! lol. what paint u're using. nippon paint?

Anonymous said...

Cayenne - Thanks wor! Hehehe! I'm using Jotun paint =)

yienyien said...

eee.. nice!!! how come ur bed sheet is not purple gei~~~~~

change it change it.. fai d fai d~

Anonymous said...

yienyien - Hahhaha! Cannot oh, later I dun know which one is my bed, which one is the wall. lol!

KOKahKOK said...

ya purple is nice...
i painted my room in to GREEN last year :) green also nice :P

sarah said...

Helloooooo....this is MY room!!!!....hahahhah...love the color!!!

ahlost said...

hehehe.. my room is also pink and purple .. but mine's light purple..

and i just got myself a new purple bed set.. hehehehehe ;)

Anonymous said...

KOKahKOK - My previous previous paint was green also. Good for eyes! Hehehe

sarah - Past tense jor lor!

ahlost - Wah! Seem that alot girl has the same colours. lol!

Agnes Sim said...

i like tat purple color. Next time i can try it in my room. Can gv me the code? :p

Anonymous said...

Agnes - It's 6520 Paloma, Nippon Paint

F'Amos said...

nice paint!! My house also painted the "red+purple" color. Is new trend this year - according fr my dear.