Feb 28, 2010

Let's Fly Kite, Tanjung Sepat

Posted by Joshua |

About 3 weeks back a fren on mine, Mun Yee who just got her tourism's license had organised a day trip to Tanjung Sepat.

7 morning 8 morning, we gathered at Maluri's bus stop and we travelled there by bus.

We visited few places factories such as potatoes chip factory.

LingZi's factory

Pitaya's Orchard

and few others places.

The main destination that I wanted to visit was the Tanjung Sepat's beach

Heard this place will be replacing our famous dirty and polluted beach, Port Dickson.

The resorts here were almost completed, chalets was built on above the sea. Can't wait to see how would it like once it's completed.

The perfect weather with blue sky and a quite strong enough winds allow us to fly up some kites that we bullied the kids to give us. lol! Kidding! Each of us get one.

Let's me tell you but please don't spread it out. Actually this is the 1st time I flied up a kite. WTF right? Hahaha!

YY and Sandy posing with the kite on the super clear blue sky.

A short update for now. I was super tired after a tiring SkyTrek-ing this afternoon at Bukit Cahaya. More bout it on my coming updates. Cheers!


Edwin T said...

kite festival? i've been there once 2 years ago. thinking of revisiting. :)

AaronWoolala said...

It's not very far away from my place. I can drive there every weekend. =D

Joshua said...

Edwin T - No lar! Just play play only

Aaron - Wahseh! U can go there everyday then. Hhahaha!