Jul 15, 2010

Fruit Fiesta! The Highlight "Musang King"

Posted by Joshua |

Just got back from office after a wonderFULL Fruit Fiesta organised by my current company where I work, Teledynamics.

It's a kind of all you can eat Durian + Rambutan + Mangosteen until you want to vomit. Hahah! Of course no one vomit lar.

I reached there a bit late as they all already start and hear the finger lickin sound. lol! The word seem more suitable to apply for durian than KFC. XD

Let me show you the man behind of this event, TY Chow, President of the Sport Club for the company.

Please don't get confused and thought he is the durian seller.

We don't talk how many KG here, we talk how many baskets.

What I heard that all the fruits here was freshly picked from orchards in the morning and send it to here directly, thus it taste fresh and nice.

Eating during is nice but ripped open a durian is not easy.

See how happy he was after he manage to rip open the durian. Hehehe!

The sport club President said, if we want to eat durian of course must eat the AAAAAAAAA grade one. So most of the durians there was the Musang King. It taste like XO durian with a bit bitter.

Got drooling see the meat of Musang King? lol!

Here's my fellow colleagues. You must be asking why theirs expression like that? I also don't know why. lol!

This could be the answer why;
- Got some durian stick on my face
- I can perform eat durian + take picha at the same time
- I ate a lot durians till they think I have not ate durian before in my life
- I really look so HOT. I guess this is the closest answer lol!

Have you eaten durian this year? Any of you don't like durian?

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HenRy LeE ® said...

it has been a very long time since i last eaten a fresh durian... sigh~

~Blabberina~ said...

wallawayy..so jeles laa..durian buffet is the best!

ken said...

i want durian! =D

TZ said...

I always wanted to try the musang king even i'm not a durian fans... Anyway, how it taste like?

uLi.佑莉 said...


Xjion89 said...

wow~~~~~~can eat until u drop@@~~~

Joshua said...

Henry - Mean u normally eat those non fresh one?

Blabberina - lol! Now durians is everywhere.

ken - U can find anywhere now already

TZ - It taste.......... good XD Got abit bitter and my fren describe it taste like Durian with XO. lol!

uLi - lol! Walioa

Xjion89 - Yeah! Till can vomit :P