Jul 6, 2010

My Birthday with Siao Gang at Alexis

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Last Saturday I've organised a dinner with the siao gang at Alexis, The Garden Mid Valley.

It was a great dinner with the siao gang jokers around. Laugh like hell with muscles pain on face, I'm not kidding. lol!

This gonna be a long foods post, be prepare for supper later after reading this.

Love the thin layer of crisps pan cake topped with pepperoni cheese.

A lot of us ordered this and "REGRET" lol!

We all wow-ed when we saw the BIG prawn pizza, Pizza Hut's one also kalah few blocks. lol!

The claws angel hair pasta also look yummy.

The clams like no need money one, so many.

We also ordered Tiramisu, one of the dessert much try when visit Alexis.

After seeing all the foods served, we all have concluded that if you want to try Alexis "Order Pasta!" you won't get wrong or regret. Muakakak!

The Siao Gang bought me a shirt from SEED. It fit me very well and hou leng ah. Hehehehhe! Thank again!

Before we leave, we all go out take picha.

The LowePro Back Pack's owner show off their's backside.

The group photo of the Siao Gang.
Top: Eugene, Rames, Junn, Adrian, Jed, Ryan, ME
Bottom: Jason, Eunice, Jenifer, Jacklyn, YY

*please ignore the fella on the most right corner that smile together in the photo, I swear we all really don't him one and kepoh behind us*

After that we went to Spaghetti to catch World Cup #ARG vs #GER.

Check out the video below taken with D90 at Spaghetti during the live football match. They all played the Vuvuzela trumpet with their's iPhone, damn bising. lol!

Check out the 0:19 Rames started to kepoh. lol!

These peoples really siao but it's really fun to hang out with them. Life is short, why need to be so serious in life. 2012 is nearby XD


:: yvonne :: said...

I'm hungry dy!! didn't take breakfast.. waiting for lunch now :) The Tiramisu look special, doesn't same like the tiramisu I saw before, but how come got Chilli sauce beside tiramisu 1?? =.=

uLi.佑莉 said...

Wow! Seems like a joyful celebration ;)

suhaisweet said...

Visiting here friend..Nice..Special contest bring to u.. Don’t Miss it!

Anonymous said...

yvonne - Heheheh! Tat's not chilli lar, it's strawberry cream. :)

uLi - It great to have frens around celebrate B'day

suhaisweet - Wow! Thanks!