Jul 24, 2010

My Birthday @ Kim Gary

Posted by Joshua |

I guess everyone who know me or do follow me on Twitter, you must have know I do check-in to Kim Gary super frequently via FourSquare.

And also received a lot questions like;

Why everyday Kim Gary?
One day no Kim Gary can? asked by smashpOp
You got share with Kim Gary?
Bosco Wong is your relative ah?
Kim Gary your second house ah?
Hahaha! 2 weeks ago I've actually went to Kim Gary and tagged Amos, Jonny, Sylvia & Bee Kim along for lunch. I'm entitled to get 50% discount 7 days before or after of my birthday and with limit of 6 pax only.

Everything 50% eh!!!!!! Of course order gao gao. XD

This is what we have ordered;

A must order when I dine-in. You can request for extra honey if you are honey-lover :)

If you don't know? Every month there are free meal given to member. Cheese Baked Potato is the free meal of the month.

YY ordered this

Got abalone and scallop.

Bee Kim ordered this

Look tasty can?

I've ordered Chicken Chop.

Must cam-ho abit lor

The total bill came was only RM77 for 6 person. Dirt cheap can? lol! BTW thank you to Amos & Jonny for treating me. Had a great chit chat with you guys during the lunch.

Any of you have Kim Gary member?


Ryan said...

Ala got so big discount pun tak ajak!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

ALA~ tot wan wish u Happy Birthday, tapi coz u tak ajak...aih

BTW, i now confirm u have share in Kim Gary liao~!!!


Funkye said...

happy belated bday bro...

btw i like ur shirt wif cam..cool!

Joshua said...

Ryan - lol! Next time next time :)

MsXeRoz - Hahah! I wish I have.

Funkye - Hey! Thanks man! Hahaha! Bought from Thailand :)