Jul 26, 2010

My Life Coloured With Munchy's Muzic

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Ever since I've changed my camera from Nikon D70s to D90, I have yet really utilise the video recording feature that available with the camera.

This morning I've decided to give it a try by participating myself on a contest that are now running in Nuffnang Malaysia, Muzic Wafer "Mimic To The Muzic" Contest.

All I have to do is to shoot a video of myself doing the Muzic Wafer Jingle in the most creative ways. In the video must feature at least one Muzic Wafer pack and cannot be longer than 30 seconds.

So I've planned, drafted out the storyboard on what & where to shoot and as well bought a pack of Muzic Wafer pack.

30 seconds really not enough, a lot crucial parts need to cut short & some need to be removed. Thus you may found the video I made is abit rush. Why cannot make it 60 seconds? Sigh!

BTW have I mentioned the prizes?

There will be 3 x iPad 32GB to be won. Woots! Crossing finger I can have one.

Beside that, there gonna be 10 x iPod Touch 8GB to be won from 10 registrants with votes or rankings that accurately or closely match the final winners. (Voting start on 11 August - 31 August 2010)

This video is about a young deaf boy who have never heard of music before in his life, until he found he can hear beat-boxing music from "Munchy's Muzic".

From that day onward, he learned and starts to beat-boxing and shared to his friends & family.
Director: Tallboyz
Coreographer: Tallboyz
Videographer: Tallboyz
Actor: : Tallboyz wtf -.-"

Check out the final video I made.

*play with 480p for better quality viewing*
Video capture with Nikon D90 on Tammy 17-50mm f/2.8 and video edited with Windows Media Maker.

For more info about the contest; http://www.munchysmuzic.com/


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Fuyoh creative wor =D
Will surely voted for you ;p

ken said...

haha so cool.. maybe 30secs coz they might take it as tv commercial? =)

Yvonne Pang said...

wow...so cool..didn't know u r talented to be actor =P
i vote for u

Chrissea Soo said...

hahahaa.... can go for a series... we'll vote for urs!!!

♥Baboon Tan♥ said...

woah nice one! good luck brother!

Aidi-Safuan said...

nice 1! actually i thought about this idea also. but luckily i found your entry video. huhu... now gonna brainstorm for a new idea. :)

Anonymous said...

TianChad - Thanks man!

ken - lol! My suck video? Sure kena banned :P

Yvonne Pang - lol! Thank you in advance wor

Chrissea Soo - lol! Thank you thank you

Baboon - :D Thanks man

Aidi-Safuan - Woots! Fast fast upload ur video :)