Jul 4, 2010

My Birthday On/At Friday

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As you guys know, last Friday was my birthday and I have my birthday dinner celebration with my princess at TGI Friday's The Garden, Mid Valley.

It was a great dinner chilling out after work and the next day is holiday. I just love Friday very much, don't you feel the same?

Ok! back to my dinner. My 1st visit to TGIF at The Garden, MV. Didn't get the nice table but then the most important thing is dining with who, everything compensated. *smile*

My princess & me

Although only two of us, we ordered super a lot things and I'm not kidding.

For starter we had Shanghai Chicken Salad that have mandarin orange & chicken meats on salad. It's quite appetizing.

we also ordered side dish, boneless chicken wings that doesn't taste like chicken wings and not nais at ALL.

Our main dishes.

As usual I ordered Ribeye. It taste not bad but still preferable the one at RoadHouse Grill at Ampang.

YY ordered New York Strip Steak.

YY know that I love Durian, she secretly bought 2 boxes of Durian Puffs and hide inside her bag so she can give me surprise. But when she unzipped her bag, all the durian aroma come out. Hahhaahha! No more surprised already. XD

Where's the photo of Durian puff?
I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself and finished all until I remember I should take photo. Nevermind lar, after a day or 2 of digestion I'll go and take picha and show to you but it would look vary than the actual one lar. Muakakakakakak!

Woots! Coming blogpost, my birthday with the Siao Gang.


uLi.佑莉 said...

Where is the photo of princess? Nice b'day dinner :)

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Tallboyz, hope its still not too late to wish you Happy Belated Birthday.

Hey i ate the boneless chicken wing before at TGIF also. NOT NICE at all. i took a bite on the celery sticks, gosh. they used old celery, bite until gigi patah also kenot putus. -.-"

vialentino said...

lovely bday celebration....

Jeffro said...

Woah lidat not called big celebration ar? Where my portion of food? hahaha jk jk

Hakzai said...

wat a sweet bday dinner!
once and again, Happy Birthday ya! Stay handsome too! =P

TZ said...

Happy belated birthday...
Din see you standing on the chair?

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday~

sorry ya, jen quite busy for the last few week, coping with all sorts of due dates. haha.

suhaisweet said...

Anyway Nice..Visit mine if u free friend.. Bloody Day!

Anonymous said...

uLi - YY is princess lor. lol!

Nicole - Thanks wor! :) Ya lor, super not nice.

via - Thanks man!

Jeffro - er..... just a simple dinner only ler

Hakzai - Thanks man!

TZ- Thank you Thank you. Hehehe! I dun wan, damn embrassing one.

Jen - Hahah! No worry! Thank you Jen! :)