Jul 2, 2010

I'm Officially 25

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Today, 2nd of July I'm officially 25, quarter of century I've breath on this earth.

A lot peoples would not believe I'm 25 and some even said I look like 28 -.-" It's becoz I look mature not old ok? XD

I've received a lot & I meant SUPER ALOT Birthday wishes from you guys through Facebook, Twitter & as well SMS. Again here I would like to wish Thank You Very Much, Arigato, Terima Kasih to you all. Love you guys very much! Muacks XD

Just a short update for today, super tired after work & just got back from b'day dinner with YY. It was a great dinner, thank you Princess :)  Gonna share about it on my coming blogpost. Stay tune yo.

Happy weekend everyone and have a great day. Woots! Signing off! Cheers!


Xjion89 said...

wOW, happy birthday!!!
May all ur wishes come true^^~~

TZ said...

Happy birthday... may all your wishes come true eh~
You have 75 years to go to reach a century :)

uLi.佑莉 said...

Happy Belated Birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

Xjion89 - Thanks man!

TZ - Heheh! Thanks wor!

uLi - TQVM :D