Jul 13, 2010

The Twilight Saga Eclipse | Fring

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Last Sunday I've watch The Twilight Saga Eclipse at Pavilion.

Love battle between Vampire (Edward) & Werewolf (Jacob) for a human (Bella). To be honest I don't really like Bella, she just too greedy wanted to have both man. Maybe western peoples thinking is different, kissing and hugging my other's man right if front of the boy friend? WTF! Probably it because I did not watch the previous episode, why she is so attracted by this 2 fella? She look so ordinary only.

I love the jokes tweeted about Twilight Eclipse by BadCeddy on Twitter "People still discuss why didn't Edward fuck Bella, come on that dude has no blood, how is he gonna get erected down there?" I laughed like crazy.

Rate 7/10 The storyline is not bad and the CG so so only. Very dramatic watching this movie, kept asking my why she like that one? Why he don't do it? Why she so biatch? lol!

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