Nov 24, 2010

Bowling Steamboat Cut Cake

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Continue from the previous blogpost.

After brunch, we were deciding to go for movie or bowling and cinema was full house so we ended up bowling.

Talk about bowling, I couldn't really recall when the 1st time I play..... probably a decade. Really don't know how to roll XD

Which colours you prefer?

Check out the score, heheeh! I still got 71 for the 1st game, the 2nd game was so bad I don't dare to post it up. Hehehe!

That Ronan, Kingsley (Injured hand) Sandy, Lisa, Andy, Jaz, YY and me

After the heavy exercise that we continue with makan again.

We went to Taman Seri Petaling for steamboat at a restaurant name Harbour. Few others joined along for the steamboat dinner.

The soup is not bad but I was damn steam lor, we was asked to leave as we are only given 1 and a half hour time to eat. WTF! first of all this is not a buffet restaurant and yet we have not finished our foods. Damn pissed to hear that.

So we moved our butt to Happy Cafe nearby there for yum char + cake cut.

Actually it look like a big cheese tart to me and tasted like one too. Heheheh!

The birthday girl and boy start blowing.......... what you thinking? Blow candle lar!

Happy Birthday 2 old folks. lol!

Here come the gals

and the dull boyz

A candid shot to end my blogpost. Wonder why they all started at the right side?

They was actually watching a badminton match between our Dato Lee Chong Wei & China Lin Dan on the large projector. XD

I guess badminton is the only sport that No. 1 player that would ALWAYS lost to No. 2 player. lol!


Vian Lee said...

The last sentence very sarcastic. LOL

k@hy3@n said...

hahaha ..
i love your last sentence !!!!
200% agree .. :P

Anonymous said...

Vian Lee - Sarcastic is the word :P

kahyean - Heheheh! It's a fact ma. Muakakak!