Nov 18, 2010

The Social Network Premiere Screening

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Just got back from Wangsa Walk Mall after catched the much hyped movie "The Social Network". Thanks to SMCkl & TGV Cinema for the special screening.

Don't get rejected with the movie's title that it would only talks in geeks languages such as coding, php, java or programming. It's ROLF movie I can say.

The Social Network is about Mark Zuckerberg the founders of the famous social networking website, Facebook's history of how it landed on the web.

The movie started with Mark who is a Harvard undergrad and a computer programming genius suddenly develops a brilliant idea after breaking up with his girlfriend Erica.

The story continue with success leads to both personal and legal complications in the journey of becoming the biggest, and most popular social networking and communication interface. That's also made him become the world's youngest billionaire.

Find out more when it released on cinema. For time being, check out the trailer of "The Social Network"

Rate 9.5/10 This is just my personal rating, different peoples may have different thought views of this movie. Mark Zuckerberg is a douchebad but who care? I LOVE FACEBOOK! XD

p/s I might be watching it again, do tag me if you need someone to accompany you to watch this. :P


Biopolymath said...

I watched it in Aussie! Totally epic story. Very inspiring also.

Devi da Lil' DeviL Photography said...

indeed very inspiring..and i love facebook too...coz a lot of contests plus its addictive..btw..nice to meet u, joshua..:)

Anonymous said...

Biopolymath - Aussie got up much earlier? Wow!

Devi - Hahha! Yeah! Nice meeting you too :)