Nov 16, 2010

Sir Richard Branson as AirAsia Stewardess

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Yes! You read it right Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group will be dressing up as an AirAsia Stewardess after losing himself in a dress-crossing bet with Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes on the 2010 Formula One championship. Both were agreed that whose Formula One team lost would serve as a "stewardess" on the winner's airline

You can imagine here now

Although both team didn't score any championship points but Lotus F1 were placed ahead of Branson's Virgin Racing in the ranking.

Thus Lotus F1 boss Tony Fernandes will auction off seats on an AirAsia flight where Sir Richard Branson will be dress up as a flight attendant after losing the bet for charity purposes.

Charity + Great Marketing Publicity = Thumbsssss UP to Datuk Tony Fernandes.

PETALING JAYA: It looks like Virgin Group boss Sir Richard Branson will be dressing up as an AirAsia stewardess after all for losing a bet with Lotus Racing team principal Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes over which of their teams would do better in the just-concluded Formula 1 season.

The two men had made a bet at the start of the season in March that the loser must serve as a “stewardess” on the winner’s airline.

Despite both teams failing to score any championship points throughout the season, Malaysian-backed Lotus Racing finished ahead of Virgin Racing in all but two races (in Italy and Singapore).

After the season’s final race at the sensational Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, Lotus finished in 10th spot while Virgin finished last among the 12 teams.

Fernandes said: “It’s time for Richard to start preparing himself for some hard work ... and the likely pain of a pair of high heels!”

The date of the Kuala Lumpur-London AirAsia flight has yet to be set, but seats will be auctioned off and the money given to Branson’s chosen charity.

“We have agreed that we will run an online charity auction for the seats on the route to raise money for a charity of Richard’s choice and give fans of both teams the chance to be on the flight.

“The aim is to raise as much money as we can for a good cause ... So the discomfort Richard will have to go through will be worth as much as it possibly can be.”

The friendly wager aside, Fernandes was delighted to have achieved the team’s primary target to be the best team among the newcomers.

Besides Lotus and Virgin, the other new team on the grid was the Spanish Hispania Racing (HRT) team, which finished 11th.

“I am completely relieved, completely ecstatic, happy and vindicated in making the decision to go into F1,” said Fernandes, who had the support of Malaysian conglomerates like Naza, Proton and Maxis to bring Lotus back into the premier racing fraternity after a 16-year hiatus.

“To complete 19 races and finish in 10th spot, after having just five months to build the car, is something that is truly magical.”

“This is the first chapter of a long career ahead and we will create our own future, destiny and history from here,” said Fernandes.

Source [TheStarsOnline]

Update: Sir Richard Branson has confirmed & announced to serve on Air Asia X on 1st May with full Air Asia stewardess outfit, he may probably shaves his leg.

Source [channelnewasia]


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