Nov 23, 2010

Ronan & Jaz Birthday at Fong Lye

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Last weekend me and my friends gathered at The Garden, Mid Valley to celebrates Ronan & Jaz's birthday.

We had a full day course to for them, the time you can see the sun until you cannot see the sun. lol! I dun know what I'm talking about.

Started with breakfast brunch at Fong Lye, an always super packed with peoples + super long queue, Taiwan restaurant at The Garden.

Ordered potato something that I found tasteless but this is one of theirs specialty tit bits.

I had Beef Noodles

3 Cup Chicken (cantonese translation)

The "we" are consist of Sandy, Kingsley, Andy, Ronan (birthday boy)

Lisa, YY, Me & Jaz (birthday girl)

The plan continues on my next blogpost probably tomorrow.


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Jazz looks like your sis ;p
Happy birthday for her!

Anonymous said...

-.-" I so tall she so er.... different lol!