Nov 12, 2010

Gulliver's Travels 2010 Copied My Idea?

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Anyone lately visited cinema? If yes did you saw a new movie starred Jack Black as Gulliver's Travels?

The remake of Gulliver's Travels is coming to cinema very soon and do you know the poster idea was originally copied from my blog?

Check out my header, the expression, the blue sky, the mini peoples and they just flipped the poition to right. I've my header designed few months back in April before this movie. What you have to say?

Hahahah! I was joking only, it just so coincidence. I don't have the big tummy that Jack Black has. Hehehe!

Seriously I was so surprised when the 1st time I saw the poster and I did yelled OMFG, how come my picture is here. XD

Gulliver's Travel is actually one of my favorite movie to watch when I was kid, the imagination of being a giant and live like a king. Can't wait to watch this movie that will be released next month on Boxing day.

Do check out the movie trailers

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saimatkong said...

wah they copied urs then u can sue them d! lol... haha

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

eh, u more leng cai. WAKAKA

Baby said...

u better coz u dun have the big tummy

Joshu@law said... fast go get the copyright and charge them for using your idea! lol

Mabel Low said...

Waseh... the only thing different is they left out the shoe house and added the bulging belly. LOL. Maybe somewhere in the poster, there's a signature saying : idea taken from tallboyz.. XD

Anonymous said...

saimatkong - Hahahha! Their lawyer much more powerful

MsXeRoZ - lol! Paiseh eh

Baby - Muakakak

Joshu@law - Hehe! I wish :P

Mabel - Hahah! I need to go the backdrop to see see. lol!

Anonymous said...

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