Nov 15, 2010

Xplay Shout! Library e@Curve

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Last Saturday I've went to Xplay Shout!, Battle of The Bands at Library, e@Curve.

Celcom has a pre-show party for Xplax Shout! with great performance by few local artistes and as well Battle between few Bands.

The artistes performed are Hujan, Disagree, MizzNina and DJ Ash/SHLY.

Got my passes earlier, thanks to Jacklyn thus we all can skipped the SUPER long queue of entrance.

We got the best seat just next to the stage and as well a personal waitress to attend to our needs.

The 1st performance was Disagree.

They rocked the entire library which has no books XD.

Check out the crowds.

Next was the battle between few great bands which are Arabella, Farai Hughgrie, Hello, Is This The Band? & Once Upon A Time There Was  A Sausage Named Bob.

MizzNina shaked the stage with all the awesome performance.

Everyone enjoying the free flow beers while enjoying the great shows.

Check out who's the winner of The Battle of Bands.

Show abit of my face before ended the post.

Sam, Xiang and Me.

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curryegg said...

Nice post and photos. glad to meet you the other day =)

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Nice meeting you :)