May 17, 2011

Breakfast View - Infinity Pool

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Back to my company Team Building at Golden Palm Tree Sepang.

Woke up in the morning yawning with 1 hand rubbing eye and 1 hand er.......... scratching stomach walked to the balcony and feel the breeze wind.

Took out my camera and snap this. It look blur blur so do I.

Stomach moaning groaning, fast fast take shower and head for breakfast.

Got sausages, nasi lemak, mee goreng, fried egg, coco cruch and more.

Enjoyed my breakfast with ORGASM AWESOME view next to infinity pool.

Some people may wonder, would we die if we fall from the edge of the pool? The answer is YES, if you don't die I would push to further down to die. Why you wan to get fall at the first place? lol! Ok I'm lame as usual.

Didn't swim at the pool but did took picture with my colleagues there.

Next we all headed back to the Harry Potter Chamber main room for 2nd rounds presentation. I did took part in the presentation, have some products refreshment & introduction.

After that we all head back to KL. It was the great team building ever this the 1st team building I ever attended.

Bye bye Gold Coast, see you again 2moro............... yes, I've went there again on the next day with the SIAOGANG. Stay tune yo! While waiting do follow me on twitter @tallboyz


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Yeah! It was a great!

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Wauw that a nice hotel